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55 Questions & Answers About MX9

1. What is the MillionaireX9 opportunity?

First and foremost, MillionaireX9 --- also referred to as MX9 --- is a personal success program for personal and financial empowerment. We offer a high value personal empowerment product --- lifetime membership in the EMPOWERED MILLIONAIRE INSTITUTE --- that is created in-house unique and exclusive to MX9. Second, we offer a simple yet powerful income opportunity that allows for tremendous wealth creation. One of our slogans is "Powerize Your Life Personally And Financially" because it is our aim to help people make dramatic positive life change one day at a time if it is their desire to ultimately attain the millionaire lifestyle of their dreams.

2. What is the Empowered Millionaire Institute?

The EMPOWERED MILLIONAIRE INSTITUTE is a learning center for excellence wherein you have access to a multitude of empowering materials that help you to become more wealthy in many areas of your life --- physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, business, relationships --- and become the wealthier, healthier, happier, more successful person you have always aspired to be.

3. Is MX9 part of a larger brand?

Yes. MX9 is the brand name of the particular online program that you see on this website. MX9 is one of seven similar financial home business success systems implemented by the Empowered Millionaire Institute along with MillionaireX20, MX Fast Money and MillionaireX1 and MillionaireX3 and MillionaireX7 and MillionaireX500. All of these success systems were conceived and developed by internationally published author and empowerment guru James Lee Valentine.

4. Why the choice of MillionaireX9 as the name?

There are three distinct parts: 'Millionaire' was chosen as many people aspire to be wealthy and we offer a unique opportunity with this program for creating tremendous personal wealth. The 'X' stands for 'extraordinary' as we aim to help people move from ordinary lives to a far greater existence. The number '9' comes because of our lucrative 1800% pay plan which costs US$500 one-time to join and pays out US$9,000 again and again and again.



6. Is MX9 a legal business entity?

Yes, MillionaireX7 Global Incorporated, which is the mother corporation of MX9, is an officially registered business company in the British Virgin Islands. The incorporation process was completed on January 19, 2010.

Please click this link to view our official incorporation certificate:

7. Who are the people behind MX9?

The Empowered Millionaire Institute and all MX businesses are founded, owned and managed by James Lee Valentine. He is assisted by an effective and efficient administration and product development team from various nations including Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Philippines, India and British Virgin Islands. We are one of the new wave of 'virtual global conglomerates' that have online staff from all parts of the globe working as a harmonious single unit although our team members are oftentimes thousands of miles apart.

8. Why did MX9 choose its compensation plan?

We want to build an organization --- encompassing all the MX online business programs --- that is founded on the triple features of teamwork and individual entrepreneurship and longevity. We believe that our unique pay plans are the greatest win-win-win we could create for our members and their network team mates.

9. How much commission per sale do I earn with MX9?

MX9Express is is a very fast 2x2 FORCED MATRIX that helps to qualify to the main-matrix called MX9. Every member has also the option to join this HIGH-END matrix for US$1,500 without being a member of MX9Express before. 

The 1800% pay plan of MX9 is a 2X3 FORCED MATRIX which has a maximum dimension of 2 members wide (under each member) multipied by 3 levels deep for 14 people total in each completed matrix.

This pay plan pays out eighteen times the US$500 joining fee for each completed matrix, which is US$9,000 commission every time.

This can result in substantial earnings potential because of the POWER OF DUPLICATION which harnesses the LEVERAGING OF PEOPLE at its core.

This question is further answered by studying the 'Pay Plan' and 'Opportunity' webpages of this MX9 website.

10. What are the ranks within MX9 and what do they mean?

MX9 only has one rank. Every person is equal in this business and has the same opportunity to positively transform their life. This rank is “Member” which is a person who joins MX9Express at US$500 one time only. Members may actively bring people into the MX9 business month after month, year after year, as their one-time joining fees are for the lifetime of the MX9 business.

11. What is the maximum earnings possible with MX9?

With the highly lucrative 1800% pay plan of MX9 any subscriber who is prepared to study and master online network marketing could earn a substantial income. Though we want to stress that Rome was not built in a day and neither is online network marketing success. The next question further amplifies this answer.

12. Can I see how many members are in my MX9 network?

Yes, we have a state of the art back office system --- MillionairePowerPro --- from where you may view your genealogy for all subscribers in your personal MX9 network.

13. Can I see how much I’ve earned and can expect to be paid?

Yes, in the Members Area of your MX9 website you can see a full range of reports and details on members and earnings for your MX9 network.

14. Is there a minimum commission payout qualification amount with MX9?

No! There is no minimum or maximum payout qualification for commissions with MX9. All commission earnings are paid out in full. With MX9 this is US$9,000 which is paid out in full.

15. How often does MX9 pay commissions?

EVERY DAY! The operating systems of MX9 allocate commissions on an instant basis. This instant allocation of commissions is a huge plus for the members of MX9 as they can see their US$9,000 commission payments as soon as earned. With MX9, as with all MX programs, commissions are paid EVERY DAY within 24 hours of the commission request being sent by the earning member from his or her MX9 back office.

16. Is my MX9 joining fee really just a one time payment?

Yes! Your joining fee for MX9Express is just a US$500 one time payment with no more fees to pay ever. With MX9 you have a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with unlimited access to the business program and products.

17. Can I get a refund of my MX9 joining fee?

No! MX9 offers a ZERO REFUNDS POLICY to all members. This is foremost because new member positions are allocated instantaneously and commissions on all MX9 joining fees are paid instantly as soon as the joining fee payment is received. Therefore, as the MX9 systems are fully automated and irrevocable, no refunds shall be made.

To repeat: MX9 offers no refunds. So please do not join MX9 if this zero refunds policy is not agreeable to you or if paying the joining fee will place you under any form of financial distress or is beyond your fiscal means at this time.

If you are in any way unsure about paying the one-time joining fee, please walk away at this time. The founders of MX9 are aiming for this program to be here for the long haul, so you may always come back and join this MX9 home business opportunity at a later date once your financial situation has already improved.

18. What is the MX9 credit card charge-backs policy?

MX9 has a ZERO CHARGE-BACKS POLICY on all credit card transactions. So if you decide to join MX9 using a credit card, please understand that this is a final and irrevocable transaction. This means that even if you choose to dispute your US$500 payment with your credit card company, your dispute will fail. This is because during the joining process, you will be required to waive your charge-back rights by way of agreeing to the Terms and Conditions policy of MX9.

19. What if my MX9 commission is sent to the wrong account?

The MX9 commission payment systems use the payment portal account details from the back office of the earning member. The member is the person who inputs their own payment portal account details into their own back office. Therefore if ever their MX9 commission is sent to the incorrect payment portal account, this is the fault of the member.

MX9 Corporate will not refund any payments sent to incorrect payment portal accounts. MX9 members are responsible for their own payment portal account details being correct. MX9 Corporate will not assume any responsibility for any payments sent to incorrect payment portal accounts.

20. What is the policy for members signed up via the MX9 corporate website?

For members who have joined via the MX9 Corporate website with no personal sponsor or no referrer other than MX9 Corporate, it is the policy of the company to allocate these corporate signups into the main network of members. Network marketing, of which MX9 is a part, is a PEOPLE-HELPING-PEOPLE business and as such we like our members to help each other. MX9 Corporate has the right to decide where in the main network these corporate signups will be placed in the best interests of the member. MX9 Corporate does no active marketing, so we rarely get members joining with no sponsor or no referrer.

21. Can I change my referrer in MX9?

NO --- NEVER! Your referrer or sponsor in MX9 is permanent and can never be changed. So chose wisely when selecting your sponsor. This is usually the person who introduced you to the MX9 opportunity but not always. Ensure you have a good rapport with your chosen sponsor as the goal is building a successful team --- Together Everyone Achieves Miracles! Together with your sponsor you can build a far stronger MX9 business for both of you than you can with each of you working independent of one another.

22. Can I change my username in MX9?

NO --- NEVER! Usernames last forever. This is for many reasons within the operating system mechanics. It is also because once you have subscribed to MX9 you are provided with a personal MX9 URL with which to promote your MX9 business. Your username is used in your personal MX9 URL which links to your personal MX9 website. Your personal MX9 URL is permanent and can never be changed. So choose wisely when selecting your username.

23. Do I get my own MX9 replicated website to use for sponsoring?

Yes! You receive your own replicated MX9 website. During the signup process you are asked to choose a username. Once the signup process is complete, you will receive a unique personal MX9 URL showing the username you chose. This URL you may use for promoting your MX9 website. In case you ever forget your URL it is clearly posted in your back office.

24. What product is available for the MX9 members for their joining cost?

MX9 offers a personal and financial empowerment program as its product --- lifetime membership in the EMPOWERED MILLIONAIRE INSTITUTE --- which is created in-house exclusive for MX9 members. We recommend you study in detail the 'Product' webpage on this MX9 website to read a full overview of this compelling product.

25. What is the worth of the MX9 product?

Our product for you when you join MX9 is LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the EMPOWERED MILLIONAIRE INSTITUTE. You are getting access to an ever evolving learning center which can help you to reach the highest levels of personal attainment you set for yourself. Plus you also get a free business center for earning nine thousand dollars sales commissions over and over again. MX9 gives you DOUBLE VALUE for your money.

On a daily basis your one-time MX9 joining fee is a small sum when compared to the tremendous value you can receive from the empowering product AND the money-earning online business. We will help you develop a mindset that thinks ahead five years to the ultimate lifestyle you desire for yourself and your loved ones. This five-year life plan for FINANCIAL FREEDOM for you, when taken one day at a time, means that your $500 investment to join MX9 is less than 30 cents a day over the duration of that five years.

Plus you still have the MX9 income opportunity to go along with your more successful mindset. So ask yourself this insightful question: To multiply my investment of $500 by eighteen times and earn myself $9,000 just a single time (or multiple times if I am so inclined), can I fill my matrix with 14 people within my lifetime membership of the Empowered Millionaire Institute? If your answer is yes, then by all means join us because you will surely win with MX9 financially AND positively transform your lifestyle long term.

26. Does MX9 have a 'Tell A Friend' feature?

Yes we do have this feature. However, as we believe it lacks the personal touch and it is too much like spam, we have programmed it so that our members can only send ONE message at a time. At MX9, we feel that personal emails or telephone or face to face meetings are great ways to promote our home business programs with more of a personal touch, especially face to face. The more personal your communications with your prospects, the higher your success ratio will be and the greater your income.

27. Does MX9 conduct live business opportunity webinars?

Occasionally we conduct BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY webinars and QUESTIONS & ANSWERS webinars and EMPOWERMENT COACHING webinars for our members. Many of our webinars are hosted by our founder James Lee Valentine. These are conducted for the benefit of the MX9 network members and their prospects.

Participation in MX webinars is free --- with easy to follow instructions for all participants. It is highly recommended that you invite numerous prospects to attend each webinar as the enthusiasm of the presenters is contagious with a great transference of positive energy.

28. What tools are available to help build my MX9 business?

There are multiple tools available. The main tool is your own MX9 replicated website with your unique personal MX9 URL and your username clearly visible on every page of your website. There is also a Members Area back office for every member with an assortment of easy-to-use marketing tools for highly effective marketing of your MX9 business.

29. Does MX9 have a 'No Spam' policy?

Yes, MX9 has a 'no spam' policy which is strictly enforced. Any MX9 member found to be using spam will have their membership revoked and lose all income entitlements.

The same applies to any member who promotes another business opportunity outside of the family of MX business programs to existing MX members outside of their own personal referrals, they too will have their membership revoked and lose all income entitlements.

30. Does MX9 have other corporate policies?

Yes, MX9 has five policies in total: Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions, Earnings Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Spam Policy. Live links to all five policies are at the base of every webpage at the MX9 website.

31. How do I know if a member in my MX9 network is a personal signup?

In your MX9 back office, in the "Control Panel Menu" you need to click on the "Referrals" link. This is your personally sponsored people. When you click on the "Genealogy" link, this shows all your network members including those from spillover. When you click on the "History" link, this shows your earnings.

32. On my MX9 website what does the term 'Sponsor' mean?

In the MX9  business your sponsor is the person who introduced you to the MX9 business and the one within whose network you joined. Your sponsor is for life. MX9 has a true FOLLOW THE SPONSOR system. Your sponsor is always your sponsor for the life of your MX9 membership, forever. No matter how many times you cycle, your new position is always in the latest matrix of your sponsor, always. The same applies to all the members that you personally sponsor --- their new position always follows into your latest matrix every time they cycle.

33. In my MX9 back office what do ‘Hits’ mean?

Hits are how many visitors have clicked on someone's URL and visited their MX9 website. One hit is one visitor. The same repeat visitor will register as another hit as will any new visitor.

34. What if my prospect accidentally joins MX9 from someone else’s website?

Please double check your MX9 URL link before sending it to your prospects. Our system is fully automated so once someone joins MX9, they are locked in to that position and cannot be moved. Have your prospects look for your name on the MX9 website they are viewing to be sure your name is shown.

35. Is sponsoring required to earn with MX9?

The pay plan of MX9 can be highly lucrative if members will be proactive and introduce people to the US$500 one-time joining fee. However, there is a SPILLOVER system with MX9. So members do not necessarily need to personally sponsor anyone into MX9 to "CYCLE" and earn US$9,000 commission. But to earn much more than this, realistically you will need to be proactive. MX1 and MX3 and MX7 and MX9 are a wonderful opportunity to become financially free once and for all, so don’t wait for others to build your business for you --- that really doesn't happen except in rare circumstances.

36. Does the pay plan of MX9 have spillover?

Yes! SPILLOVER is a part of the 2X3 FORCED MATRIX pay plan of MX9. However, at MX9, we believe in teaching the correct fundamentals of building a solid online network marketing business. In this respect, you have a wealth of network marketing training resources available online for free to help you grow your MX9 business steadily yet surely. So you don't need to rely on spillover to govern your own financial wellbeing.

37. Can I join multiple times in my own MX9 network?

No! This is highly unethical, possibly illegal, against our moral compass and we do not recommend this. First, you do not need to avail of the same product more than once, so why pay multiple times for the same thing? There are always ways around this highly discouraged activity, so we cannot prevent you from doing this. Rather than having multiple positions yourself, better for you to recruit close acquaintances.

38. Do I have to advertise to attract new members to my MX9 network?

The choice is entirely yours. There are unlimited ways and methods in building your MX9 business. It is recommended that you try to get as many people as possible to view your MX9 website as this is where the bulk of your future income will come from. Therefore it stands to reason that the more you personally promote your MX9 website, the more residual income you will ultimately receive.

39. How large is the worldwide market for the MX9 program?

Presently there are around two billion people worldwide with Internet access. Within the next ten years, this figure is projected to grow to around three billion people online worldwide --- with over one billion of these estimated to have broadband connections by then. The hundreds of millions of people worldwide with broadband enabled computers in their homes are potential customers for your business. The fact that almost every one of them needs personal empowerment is enough proof that MX9 has tremendous, explosive, global potential. 


View this website to get the latest figures on the numbers of people in your country, as well as worldwide, using the internet: www.internetworldstats.com

40. What is the target market for the MX9 business?

Practically any person who wants to earn extra income from home is a target prospect for MX9. Be their aim a few thousand dollars per month or one million dollars per year, literally everyone who is looking for extra income online is a target prospect for MX9. There are definitely gazillions of people out there who fit into this category. The MX9 product and compensation plan were developed with the sole purpose of helping people realize this objective. The financial mastery and personal empowerment product helps members build a solid foundation for long term success and achievement, while the lucrative business model may help members quickly generate tremendous income.

41. In what other languages is the website of MX9 available?

The MX9 website, back office, and products are available in ENGLISH as our major language and now in GERMAN also. However all of the webpages of MX9, including this Questions webpage, are now available --- AT THE CLICK OF A BUTTON --- in multiple different languages as part of the amazing state-of-the-art technology that we endorse.

42. Are there specific categories of people I should target to join MX9?

Definitely MX9 will appeal to those people that appreciate the Five Life Freedoms: Health Freedom, Time Freedom, Financial Freedom, Emotional Freedom and Spiritual Freedom. The people that best fit into this category are those entrepreneurial souls such as online network marketers, life insurance sales professionals, real estate sales agents, internet marketers, and experienced MLM and direct sales people. Continuously bringing MX9 to the attention of these experts will definitely have a positive effect on your business.

43. How can I be sure to make money with MX9?

To be clear, we cannot promise and we do not guarantee that any one will be successful in any venture. Individual results have and always will vary depending on your level of effort and commitment to succeed. However, the beauty of our EMPOWERED MILLIONAIRE INSTITUTE product is that it is designed to empower you towards changing your attitude about success and enhance your own talents and capabilities. By fully utilizing the MX9 product and our 2x3 matrix pay plan, your life is sure to make a dramatic transformation for the positive.

44. Is MX9 a get rich quick scheme?

No! Absolutely not! MX9 is a serious income generating business and as such it is not for the half-hearted. For example, my father’s golf handicap is in the top few percent of club golfers, but to sustain this level as he gets older, he has a library of golf books, videos to study, he seeks out specialist golf professionals to benefit from their advice, and he hits golf balls or plays golf most days. Frankly, network marketing demands no less a level of commitment to earn the big bucks.
To be truly successful at network marketing a person must appreciate it is a learning curve to a large income, depending on their existing level of expertise. However, the long-term rewards for succeeding are way beyond what the vast majority of people are able to earn in many other occupations. So the effort-to-reward ratio is well in favor of those who take the same attitude to MX9 as my father does to playing golf at a high level.

45. Why do many people fail in network marketing?

Only a small percentage of people are trained in the art of selling. So the main reason for people failing in traditional network marketing is the large quantity of products and services they are required to sell to succeed within any particular company’s compensation plan. Conversely, with MX9, the simple yet highly innovative 2x3 matrix pay plan, built around members bringing in just TWO people, is designed to avoid this number one pitfall.

46. Isn’t network marketing a pyramid scheme?

No! It is not!

Answer (Robert Kiyosaki): I am often asked if network marketing is a pyramid scheme. My reply is that corporations are really pyramid schemes. A corporation only has one person at the top, generally the CEO, and everyone else below. 

A true network marketing business is the exact opposite of a traditional business model. A network marketing business is designed to bring you up to the top, not keep you down at the bottom. A true network marketing business does not succeed unless it brings people to the top.
Why We Want You To Be Rich
Donald Trump - Robert Kiyosaki
Page 307

47. Will I be taxed on my MX9 income?

The MX9 opportunity is a home business, not a job offer. Therefore no taxes are taken out of your gross earnings. Individual members are responsible for any and all taxes payable in their particular resident domicile or jurisdiction for any income received either from MX9 or any programs promoted via MX1 or MX3 or MX7 or MX9. It the responsibility of each individual member, within their own country or state, to report any and all earnings to the proper authorities.

48. What is my working relationship with MX9?

MX9 and its members are independent entities. There is no joint venture, agency, partnership or employment agreement existing between any member and MX9. Both parties are considered independent entities, which are separate and distinct from each other at all times.

49. Who are STP and Payza and why did MX9 choose them?

Payza and SolidTrustPay (STP) are trusted, global online payment processors. Also, a major positive, James Lee Valentine has personally visited the Payza offices in Montreal, Canada, during November 2009, and has built a strong strategic relationship with them since they were AlertPay. STP and Payza are used by many online network marketing opportunities as they are friendly towards this industry. Many online networkers already have a Payza or STP account, which makes our opportunity easy to join.

50. What is involved in setting up an online pay processor account?

The setting up of a PAYZA or SOLIDTRUSTPAY account is FREE and takes less than 5 minutes and is a simple procedure. Thereafter, all online payment processors require verification of their members. This usually involves uploading a picture ID (most commonly a drivers license) and a billing statement with name and address on it. For funding the account and withdrawing commissions, bank account and credit card details can be easily added. Another benefit is only ONE account is ever required by any person to do all of the MX business programs simultaneously and globally.

51. Does MX9 charge any fees above the one-time joining fee?

No! In addition to the US$500 one-time joining fee, there are NO extra fees. Once this US$500 total is paid just one time, members have full access to the MX9 program indefinitely. This is a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for a one-time joining fee.

52. What is the time zone for the MX9 business operations?

At MX9 and the series of MX business programs we mainly follow the Eastern Standard Time zone of USA (EST) for many aspects of our operational systems.

53. How can I be sure to receive MX9 emails?

You should have opted into our database during the signup process. But if you are not receiving our newsletters then you need to click the OPTIN link in your Members Area back office. Many emails these days land in junk mail folders, so you should add our email addresses to your email address book or white list them as this will ensure you will receive important notices and updates from us as well as receiving our newsletters.

54. I have more questions, who should I contact?

MX9 is a people-helping people business. As such, after first studying this MX90 website fully, you should contact your referrer or sponsor to ask for a further explanation of the MX9 home business opportunity. If you are unable to contact your referrer or sponsor or you require assistance please send an email to our Customer Happiness Staff who will be delighted to help you: admin@millionairex9.com

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